Dogs all come in different shapes and sizes, single coats, double coats, short, long and wire haired and therefore all grooms will be different.

A Full Groom includes pre-groom check, bath with shampoo and conditioner (if required), dry, eyes and ears cleaned, nail trim and feet tidy (if required). They will also be de-shedded/clipped/styled depending on breed and requirement. A spritz of cologne finishes the process.


Price List

Below are the approximate costs for grooming, however this will be confirmed at time of booking and any changes after reviewing the dog will be advised before groom commences.

Depending on Coat Type
Small Dogs
(Pug, Westie, Shih-Tzu)
£37 – £50
Medium Dogs
(Poodle, Cocker Spaniel, Schnauzer)
£40 – £55
Large Dogs
(Labrador, Boxer, Husky, Weimaraner)
£45 – £60
Extra Large Dogs
(German Shepherd, Alaskan Malamute)
£50 – £75

Additional Services
Wash & Go
For in-between full grooms, includes brushing and drying.
From £27
Bath and Towel Dry
No brush out but great for those dogs who like to roll in mud.
From £20
Flea Shampoo and Towel DryFrom £30
Fox Poo or Similar Bath RemovalFrom £30
Brush Only
A brush out of your dog’s coat.
From £15
Eyes and Ear CleanFrom £10
Nail Cutting/TrimmingFrom £12
Nervous/Shy/Bad Experience Dogs
A chance for you to bring your nervous and shy dogs along to let them wander around freely, taking in the smells and getting loads of praise and treats whilst getting to know me, which in time, should turn any grooming experience into an enjoyable one.
Puppy Package
For dogs up to six months old, may include nail clipping, brush, bath, dry. However, the main purpose of these visits is to get the puppy  accustomed to the environment and myself and for the puppy to learn and understand that it is a fun experience and most importantly, nothing to be afraid of.
From £25

Payments accepted via: Cash, Debit & Credit Card including Amex, Contactless, Apple Pay and Google Pay.

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