What To Expect

Dog Grooming is so much more than just giving your dog a bath.

Our service will start with a Check List with the owner to obtain any known health conditions of the dog, any previous grooming experiences and what the owner is looking for in their dog groom, this will be carried out when booking an appointment.

Attractive vet examining kitten with stethoscope in hospital
Attractive vet examining kitten with stethoscope in hospital

A Pre-Grooming Heath Assessment will then take place. A time to relax the dog and ensure that they are healthy ahead of their groom. This will include checking the dog’s nose, gums, teeth, eyes, ears and finally the skin, fur and claws to ascertain what is require during the groom. Any concerns that affect the groom will be notified to the owner immediately and those issues that do not affect the groom will be reported to the owner on collection.

Most dogs will need to be brushed, bathed and dried; however, some have thick double coats which can get matted and tangled and extra attention is required. All matts and tangled will either be combed out or clipped (dogs’ comfort must come first – Additional Charges will apply to remove significant matting) and this will in turn thin the undercoat and minimise shedding.

At Toby’s Tail we work in the basis of ‘Humanity before Vanity’. Any significant matting or compacted fur will be clipped off. No dog will be put through any discomfort or pain during the grooming process.

For breeds who have a cut to their coat, such as poodles, these will be clipped in line with the instructions of the owner. I will also be able to offer clipping to longer haired breeds such a spaniels and setters, again under owner’s request which can help especially during the hotter summer months.

Dog Grooming is a broad term that encompasses a range of beauty and hygiene services for a dog.

Along with the brush, bathing and drying as mentioned above, I will also be offering the following:

  • Nail Clipping/Trimming
  • Clipping of fur in pads
  • Ear Cleaning (not plucking)
  • Eye Cleaning
  • Rear End Hygiene (longer haired dogs may require cleaning and hygiene cuts)


Please note, we do not carry out Ear Plucking, Expelling of Anal Glands or Full Teeth Cleaning due to the risk of infection to your dog, these services should ONLY be carried out by qualified vet.

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